During the course of the year, Providence Baptist Church hosts a number of events that promote church growth and life together.

An example of a typical year's events include:

Monthly Men and Women’s Bible Studies

Throughout the year, different groups will gather to study the Word of God together and to encourage one another in the things of the Lord.

Seniors Group

Our ‘Seasoned Saints’ gather throughout the year to share a meal, study God’s Word together, and enjoy group outings.

Bible Conferences

These conferences usually involve bringing in a guest pastor from a sister church for a season of concentrated preaching and Bible study. Over the years we have been blessed to have pastors preach to us from all corners of the world.

Ladies Conference

Each year, we have a special speaker who challenges the ladies of the congregation in their walk with God. This is usually held close to Mother's Day weekend.


Each Spring, usually on Memorial Day, the church families and friends gather for a time of fun, food, and fellowship.

Bible Conferences


Special Events